Rules of the competition, to be judged blind by the competitors

  1. The Trials are open to any maker of cider or perry, with the exception of those directly involved in the organisation of the Trials on the day.
  2. Competitors must be at least 18 years old on the day of the competition – 9th May 2020.
  3. Completed entry forms must be received, with payment, by 12 noon on Saturday 2nd May at the very latest.  Entrants will be sent an acknowledgement and labels for their entries.
  4. Entrants’ demi-johns and bottles must be delivered to Putley Parish Hall between 9.30am and 11.30am on the morning of Saturday 9th May, at which time entrants will be issued with their voting card(s).
  5. Competitors in the Bottled Conditioned/Fermented Perry Class (P) should return to the hall at 12.30pm to take part in the judging; those in the Bottled Conditioned Fermented Cider Class (C) should arrive by 1.00pm, and judging in the draught classes will commence at 2.00pm.  Anyone returning later than 2.30pm will not be allowed to judge, except by prior agreement with the organisers.  Judging will end at 4.30pm, followed by the presentations at approximately 5.00pm.  Entrants in the draught classes may bring a second person with them to assist in judging (but they still only get one vote per class).  For reasons of space we have to limit this to one extra person . We will be providing 50ml shot glasses for the draught judging and wine glasses for the bottled judging. No other drinking vessels permitted.
  6. Entries become the property of the Big Apple Association and will remain on display in the hall on the Sunday and Monday for tasting by the public.
  7. Draught entries must be in cleanclear, unmarked glass one gallon (5 litre) demi-johns with the supplied labels stating exhibitor’s nameclass number and finished specific gravity.  The organisers will randomly test the specific gravity of entries.  Entrants may change the class of an entry on delivery to the hall, provided that they have no more than one entry per class.  Once entries have been accepted, any entry with an SG found to be out of the range specified for the class will be disqualified.
  8. Bottled fermented/conditioned entries to be two heavyweight, punted 75cl glass bottles with correct closures (wired corks or crown caps are acceptable) with supplied labels showing class number and entrant’s name. Bottles must be free of all other identifying labels.
  9. The organisers reserve the right not to accept any entry that does not meet the required standard of presentation.  The organisers’ decision is final.
  10. The classes will be as follows:
    Class 1 Draught dry cider: gravity below 1005
    Class 2 Draught medium cider: gravity 1005 – 1015
    Class 3 Draught sweet cider: gravity above 1015
    Class 4 Draught dry perry: gravity below 1005
    Class 5 Draught medium perry: gravity 1005 – 1015
    Class 6 Draught sweet perry: gravity above 1015
    Class 7 Novice draught cider
    Class 8 Novice draught perry
    Class C Bottle fermented/bottle conditioned cider
    Class P Bottle fermented/bottle conditioned perry

    (Please note: classes 7 to P will only be held if there are at least 5 entries in the class)

  11. Entry fee is £4 per entry.  One entry per class, up to a maximum of five entries (two for novices, maximum of one in each class).
  12. Trophies and certificates will be awarded on the day.
  13. Challenge trophies will be awarded to the Best Cidermaker and Best Perrymaker based on their performance in all relevant classes.  An engraved glass tankard will become the property of each challenge trophy winner.  If there is no clear winner, the trophy will not be awarded.
  14. There will be an award for Best Product which can be from any of the classes. If there is no clear winner, the trophy will not be awarded.
  15. The Three Counties Cider and Perry Association Trophy will be awarded to the most successful Novice.
  16. Winners may be asked to provide a further gallon of their winning product, to be paid for at wholesale prices.
  17. Voting figures will be available to be seen by competitors after the Trials.  Lists of the winners will be posted on the Big Apple website after the Trials.
  18. The organisers reserve the right to request anyone to leave whom they consider to be causing a nuisance.
  19. The organisers’ decision on any matter is final.

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