Cider and Perry Trials

The Big Apple Cider and Perry Trials 2021 took place at Dragon Orchard on 17th July.

This year there were a number of differences:

  • we held the event in July, not May, as there was no corresponding Blossomtime Event
  • with Covid restrictions still in force, we ran a small-scale event with fewer classes and limits on the number of entries
  • only the makers were allowed to be present for judging in order to keep numbers on site at any one time no more than 30.  Two separate judging sessions were run in the morning and again in the afternoon.
  • ‘Hospitality Rules’ applied so judges were seated and samples were poured by volunteers.
  • The results were announced on Sunday morning to a small number of people plus a live-stream on Zoom.

However, those present enjoyed the warm weather, the orchard surrounding and relief that we were able to run an event at all this year.

Winners List 2021

Pictures of the event


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