Cider and Perry Trials

Big Apple Cider and Perry Trials 2024

These will be held on Saturday 4th May.  There are a number of changes this year so please read this, especially if you have entered before.


In previous years the venue was Putley Parish Hall but, as part of the reorganisation of the Big Apple Blossomtime weekend, the Cider And Perry Trials are moving to their new home at Dragon Orchard, Putley.  Some  of you may remember this was used for the Covid Trials of 2021 and it will give us more room and is in an orchard.

Other  Blossomtime events will also happen at Dragon Orchard on the Sunday and Monday, including cider and perry tastings and sales, music and entertainment.  Plans are not yet finalised so watch this space for developments.


David is handing over the running of the competition to a new team.  We’re not exactly who is doing what yet but we’re sure you will get to know the new people as they settle into their roles.


The entry forms for this year’s competition will be live from 26th February and there will shortly be announcements on Facebook and an email reminder will be sent to past entrants.  As in previous years there will be a separate competition for Novices.  The rules of the competition will be the same as for 2024 – the only significant change this year will be the venue.

Previous cider and perry trials

Big Apple Cider and Perry Trials 2023

These took place on Saturday 29th April at Putley Parish Hall.

This is a peer-judged event with all the judging carried out by the entrants themselves in a series of blind tastings.

There were categories for both draught and bottled ciders and perries and the public was invited to taste the entries over the Blossomtime event following the competition.


Here’s how it works…

Winners 2023