For an afternoon, a day or a full weekend – the Big Apple is a special opportunity to enjoy the countryside in the Herefordshire parishes on the Marcle Ridge. The local orchards are famous for their cider fruit and their excellent eating apples.

Blossomtime and Cider and Perry Trials 2020

Last year, the Government moved the 2020 May Day Bank Holiday from Monday 4th May to Friday 8th May.  As a result the 2020 Cider and Perry Trials and Blossomtime will not now be over the originally expected weekend of Sat 2nd to Monday 4th May.

The Cider and Perry Trials will now take place on Saturday 9th May and the usual Blossomtime programme will now all happen on Sunday 10th May.  We will extend the opening times on Sunday 10th to try and make up to some extent for the loss of the Monday.  We are not planning to have any events on Friday 8th as there will be VE Day commemorations taking place at Putley Parish Hall.

Entry for the 2020 Big Apple Cider and Perry Trials is now open. Go to The Cider and Perry Trials page for more information.

Harvestime 2020

This will be on Saturday October 10th and Sunday October 11th, centred on the village of Much Marcle.  Make a note in your diary.

Last year, despite the weather forecasts, hundreds of people came and experienced the apple and pear harvest, juicing, cider and perry making and much more in a number of venues.  To see what happened last October have a look through the link below:

Harvestime 2019 >>

Big Apple Calendar 2020

To celebrate 30 years of The Big Apple Association we have produced a calendar for 2020 which can be purchased on the Calendar 2020 page.

We have a few remaining now on offer at a reduced price of £4.50 including postage to UK addresses.

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Marcle Ridge Country

Another good reason to come to the Big Apple is simply to enjoy this wonderful stretch of countryside. Woodlands, soft fruit fields, hopyards and grazing pastures mix with the orchards to create a lovely farming patchwork.  The slopes of the Marcle Ridge offer splendid views across to the Malvern Hills to the east, while Woolhope in the west lies within the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

There is no better way to explore our deeply rural county than through its food and drink and apples and cider are at its heart. Herefordshire has more orchards than any other county and is the source of over half the UK’s cider production. For us the Marcle Ridge and the Big Apple are what Herefordshire is all about.  Over the last 25 years, the number of craft food and drink producers of all kinds has truly blossomed in our local communities, providing a special experience for our visitors that is integral to the enjoyment of our rural heritage and landscape.

If you want to stay for a day or two our accommodation page has a range of suggestions.

Accommodation >>