Cider and Perry Trials

Big Apple Cider and Perry Trials 2024

These were held on Saturday 4th May. 


In previous years the venue was Putley Parish Hall but this year the Cider And Perry Trials moved to their new home at Dragon Orchard, Putley.  Some of you may remember this was used for the ‘Covid’ Trials of 2021 and it gave us more room, plus it is in an orchard.

Other Blossomtime events will also happen at Dragon Orchard on the Sunday and Monday, including cider and perry tastings and sales, music and entertainment.

The results are now available – click on the button below

Winners 2024


(Apologies for the the delay – there were a number of anomalies to be investigated.  In particular, as a result of human error, the Champion Perry Maker Award was incorrectly calculated on Saturday 4th May and it actually goes to Alistair Smith, who was presented with the trophy just after Blossomtime.  I was also struck down by a dreaded lurgi just after the event and am still catching up with everything.)

Previous cider and perry trials

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