We are hoping that we will be able to run a Harvestime event this year over the second weekend of October.

Planning is in the very early stages as we don’t yet have clarity on what will be possible in October, but if the Covid-19 situation improves as hopes we should be able to offer something reasonably close to our usual activities.

We will make further announcements over the summer.

Video tour of Dragon Orchard

We were hoping to be able to operate small guided tours of some of our local orchards in the Harvestime event in 2020 – sadly that proved not to be possible.  However, we have produced a video tour of Dragon Orchard in Putley accompanied by its owner, Norman Stanier.  We hope you enjoy this alternative.

Making Cider at Woodredding Farm

We also filmed the cider making process at Woodredding Farm which normally takes place during the Big Apple weekend.  Brian and Fran, assisted by two novice makers were pressing Yarlington Mill and Michelin apples in their press.  The filming was all outside so it was impossible to completely eliminate the noise from the nearby A449.