This event has now taken place so you’ve missed it.  We’ll be back next Autumn on October 10th and 11th 2020 with another Harvestime but don’t forget Blossomtime 2020 on May 10th.

Welcome To The Big Apple 2019

Join us for the 30th anniversary of the Big Apple celebrating English apples and cider – a real opportunity to enjoy the autumn countryside in this corner of Herefordshire in and around Much Marcle.

Please don’t be put off by the weather forecast.  Much of what is happening is under cover and at least it’s not as bad as in Japan at the moment.

Share our Tradition of Apple growing and Cider making

Cider Pressing at Big Apple

We have put together for you a collection of small rural events where you can enjoy our local orchards, famous for their cider fruit and excellent culinary and dessert apples.

In this unique event, we will be opening our farms and orchards, cider mills and barns for you to visit.  Nine special venues in all, each one of them different but all with one thing in common – apples!

Pick and Mix

Your programme is entirely flexible – you can choose where and when to go. You can simply come for a walk or to buy some apples. But you can also visit several different events and venues. The map will help you to plan your visit.

Scroll down for details of special events that are happening at the various venues over the weekend.

Download a copy of a programme you can print or you can 

The Harvestime Venues

Big Apple Harvestime Location Map
Location Map

These nine Much Marcle venues form the core of our Harvestime event. Visit the individual venue pages for details of what is happening at each one.

1. Woodredding Farm (GR SO640298) (///anthems.basher.hairstyle)

2. Lyne Down Organics (GR SO646312) (HR8 2NT) (///vented.overhaul.redeeming)

3. Avenue Cottage (GR SO649321) (HR8 2NU) (///remarking.device.heats)

4. Westons Cider (GR SO649331)(HR8 2NQ) (///strapped.hacksaw.kidney)

5. Memorial Hall (GR SO658330) (///engine.quietly.soggy)

6. St Bartholomew’s Church (GR SO657327) (///blaze.develops.masts)

7. Hellens (GR SO661332) (///copies.quote.regularly)

8. Awnells Farm (GR SO658319) (HR8 2NW) (///fork.overheard.hardly)

9. Gregg’s Pit  (GR SO662323) (HR8 2NL) (///plotting.mainframe.twinge)

Grid references are accurate to 100m. Postcodes are provided where navigation apps will take you near to the venue – typically within 200m. We have omitted postcodes where they do not take you close to the venue or provide misleading directions.  Please use our map for locations and distances between them.

(The /// links are to ‘what3words‘, an ingenious method of locating a point anywhere in the world to an accuracy of 3m using just three words.  These links show the venue’s entrance on the road.  There are phone apps available for this system of course – enjoy!)

Other Apple & Cider Related Venues

Pork and Two Veg Farm Shop, Woolhope HR1 4QL. Sat 10am to 5pm..

The Nest, Little Verzons, Munsley HR8 2PZ. Sat 9am to 5.30pm, Sun 10am to 4pm.

Lunches and Suppers

Our local pubs and restaurants often serve dishes using apple and cider recipes. Booking advisable .

In Much Marcle

Royal Oak 01531 660300
Scrumpy House (closed Sun evening) 01531 660626
Walwyn Arms 01531 660601


Crown Inn 01432 860468
Trumpet Inn 01531 670277
Trumpet Corner (daytime only) 01531 670082
The Nest, A438 towards Ledbury (daytime only) 01531 670816

Special events

Saturday 12th October

11am to 5pm Annual Honey Show.  Herefordshire Beekeepers’ Association. Haywain Barn, Hellens* (Venue 7)

From 11.15am Leominster Morris: at Westons (11.15am), Gregg’s Pit (12.30pm), Hellens* (2.30pm),

12 noon and 2.30pm Our edible hedges. Guided tours of young fruit and nut groves and edible hedges which re-establish our field pattern. Avenue Cottage (Venue 3)

3.30pm High altitude cider tasting. Pop-up tutored tasting with a view, with local pommelier Jeremy Stunt of Authentic Cider. Avenue Cottage (Venue 3)

4.30pm Hereford’s Cider Bible – the legacies of John Wycliffe and late medieval Much Marcle. A talk by Canon Ralph Godsall, Old Herefordian and Priest Vicar, Westminster Abbey. Donations invited for upkeep of the church. St Bartholomew’s Church (Venue 6)

5pm Vertical tasting. A very special and rare opportunity to join the maker in tasting three vintages of a Gregg’s Pit in-bottle fermented ‘champagne’ perry.  15 tickets on sale at bar from 11am, 1st come, 1st served. £6.00. Gregg’s Pit (Venue 9)

*Admission charge to Hellens site applies

Sunday 13th October

10 for 10.30am Big Apple Bike Ride Market House, Ledbury at 10am, leave 10.30.  Follow quiet country lanes, visiting cider producers and orchards.  BYO picnic or enjoy Big Apple catering.  Explore Big Apple, returning pm to Ledbury.  Accompanied children welcome. For more information please contact

11am High altitude cider tasting. Pop-up tutored tasting with a view, with local pommelier Jeremy Stunt of Authentic Cider. Lyne Down Organics (Venue 2) 

12 noon From fungus forays and mistletoe to The Herefordshire Pomona. Join local fruit grower Norman Stanier as he delves into the records of one of the oldest naturalists’ clubs in the world and makes links to our very own Big Apple. Haywain Barn, Hellens* (Venue 7) 

12 noon and 2.30pm Our edible hedges.  Guided tours of young fruit and nut groves and edible hedges which re-establish our field pattern. Avenue Cottage (Venue 3)

From 12.30pm ‘Uke Can’t Be Serious’ will pop up with their ukuleles at Woodredding (12.30pm), Lyne Down Organics (2.30pm) and Hellens* (4pm)

2pm Apples in a Warmer World. Professor Paul Hadley, of the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development at the University of Reading, gives an inside view of a collaboration with the National Fruit Collection Trust which uses Haygrove Tunnels technology to create a series of modified environments in order to investigate how warmer temperatures and altered rainfall patterns may affect UK apple production in the coming decades. Haywain Barn, Hellens* (Venue 7)

3pm High altitude cider tasting. Pop-up tutored tasting with a view, with local pommelier Jeremy Stunt of Authentic Cider. Woodredding (Venue 1)

4.30pm Perry Pears: Walk, Talk & Taste. Guided walk with James Marsden to learn about specific vintage fruit varieties and taste the finished products made from those varieties in 2017/18. Gregg’s Pit (Venue 9)

*Admission charge to Hellens site applies

Come and Explore

Cars of any age welcome!Of course you can use your car to get around. However, many of our venues are in easy walking distance of each other, and cycling is also a great way to get about. Distances are indicated on the map.

Westons' Tractor and trailer

A tractor and trailer service, kindly provided by Westons Cider, will be running all weekend to carry visitors between six of our venues.

See map for route and stops.  Unfortunately because of varying demand and traffic conditions we don’t produce a timetable but the round-trip takes around 40-50 minutes.  Keep an eye or ear open for it. The service is free but donations will be welcome.


Please be aware that many of the venues do not have the facility to take card payments so we advise you to bring plenty of cash with you.  The nearest cash dispensers are in Ledbury, including Tesco and The Coop.

Ciderlands Makers and Lovers

The Big Apple is proud to play a part in welcoming the first conference of the International Network of Cider Culture & Tourism Destinations to the county of Herefordshire.  Ciderlands 2019 will showcase the region’s proud cider heritage to cider tourism professionals from across the network.

The visit has been made possible with the support of:

The Pippin Trust •  Green Dragon Hotel •  Westons Cider •  Heineken | Bulmer’s • Three Counties Cider & Perry Association •  The National Association of Cider Makers

More information on Ciderlands website.