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Cider and Perry Trials 2012

Where: Putley Village Hall, Herefordshire, HR8 2QN

When: Saturday 5th May from 12.45pm to 5.00pm

Who: Craft cider and perry makers.

We invite all craft cider and perry makers to take part in this annual competition.

This competition is unusual in that it is judged entirely by the participants - no panel of judges to complain about! All entries have any identifying marks removed (we are quite careful about this) and then all entrants in a class get three votes to award to what they think are the three best entries.

This can be quite a challenge if you enter large classes like the dry draught cider and the dry draught perry where you could find yourself sampling 60 or more entries in a little over two hours - great fun.

Update: 6th May

Well, that's it for another year, but what a day it was!

Record numbers turned up and in the end, after a few dropouts and withdrawals ("not good enough to enter" or "the demijohn fell over in the car"), there were 191 entries in this year's event.

Fitting in all of the bottled entries was a bit of a challenge (18 ciders and 13 perries) but we managed. Thank you for your patience.

The weather was also fine! After 17 consecutive days with rain, the sun came out (a bit).

The awards were presented by Chris Fairs, from Bulmers, who is retiring after many years advising all types of people and organisations with his in-depth knowledge of apples and pears.

The results were very interesting - some previous winners were unplaced and some newcomers stormed into the top placings. What was very pleasing were the novice entries - 21 ciders and 9 perries - and congratulations to James Field who was a very clear winner in the Novice Cider, 8 points clear of the second place, and who also came third in the Novice Perry, only 1 point behind the joint first place. We felt he was a worthy recipient of the Novice award. You have to enter the main competition next year, James!

Because there was such a variation in the scores in all the main classes we found it impossible to pick either a Cider or a Perry champion so, after some discussions, we felt it inappropriate to award these two prizes for 2012.

The best product award goes to the entry with the highest percentage score in its class and we had no hesitation in awarding this to James McCrindle with his Bottled Perry, which polled 32% of the votes in this class, no mean feat when everyone voting awards three votes.

Winning entries are shown in the table below and you can also download a PDF here>>

(If you looked at this list before 8th May, please check it again as there are some corrections)


Number Votes Stars Score Rank Entrant
Draught Cider - Dry
118 11 1 12 1 Tony Jones
101 8 3 11 2 John Bramley
117 8 2 10 3 Charles Smart
Draught Cider - Medium
217 7 3 10 1 Wessex Cider
204 4 2 6 2 Nook's Yard Cider and Perry
211 5 1 6 3 Barbourne Cider
212 5 1 6 3 Once Upon A Tree
Draught Cider - Sweet
308 4 2 6 1 James Marsden
313 3 2 5 2 Blaengawney Cider
307 2 2 4 3 Oliver's Cider and Perry
Draught Perry - Dry
403 5 3 8 1 Nook's Yard Cider and Perry
413 6 1 7 2 Ralph's Cider and Perry
409 4 2 6 3 Andrew Brown
Draught Perry - Medium/Sweet
504 7 3 10 1 Geoff Newman
510 6 2 8 2 Graham Skittery
501 5 1 6 3 Ross-on-Wye Cider and Perry Company
508 5 1 6 3 Troggi
Novice Draught Cider
618 12 7 19 1 James Field
614 10 1 11 2 Don Evans
607 5 3 8 3 Barnes and Adams
Novice Draught Perry
701 5 2 7 1 Barnes and Adams
704 5 2 7 1 Red Whiskers
702 4 2 6 3 James Field
Bottled fermented/conditioned cider
816 5 2 7 1 Henry and Cheryl Hewitt
803 4 2 6 2 Carey Organic
810 6 0 6 3 John Bramley
Bottled fermented/conditioned perry
901 11 4 15 1 James McCrindle
905 5 2 7 2 Barbourne Cider
907 4 2 6 3 Oliver's Cider and Perry


(Where two entries have the same score, the number of stars is used as a tie=breaker)

The table above is a correction to the one originally posted where the Class 3 and 4 results were the wrong values. We are very sorry for this.

if you entered and want a complete list of the votes in your class(es) please contact us and we'll e-mail them to you.

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We'll post pictures from this year when we get a chance.


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